The Vetitude

Passion. Leadership. Empathy.

The Cool New Word That Everyone In the Vet Clinic Should Be Using…

New words come and go in today’s world faster than a Snapchat story.

Heck, I still think the term “Foshizzle” is all that and a bag of chips.  And I’m not gonna lie; keeping up with the current vocab is hard enough without trying to influence it.  Just keeping it a hundred here (is that one still acceptable?)  And yet, I’ve got a word that I hope you and every member of your veterinary team starts using on a regular basis.  That’s right—I’m gonna make “Fetch” happen.  Oh wait, the people at DVM360 already did that.


But seriously—my word is so much better than that. My word…is Vetitude.  And yeah, alright, that’s my brand name too.  So of course it would be in my best interest if people started using it like an actual word.  It would definitely do wonders for my Instagram following (check me out @thevetitude).  But this isn’t just about self-promotion.  Vetitude is something I’m really excited about.


So what the heck is Vetitude?

Vetitude is passion; it’s empathy; it’s leadership.  Vetitude is about changing how we relate to the people we work with every day—clients and coworkers.

You see, veterinary team members are some of the most empathetic, compassionate people around.  This is great, but it can also be our down fall. We care too much.  We try too hard.  We give our jobs our all, and at the end of the day, there’s nothing left for us.  We’re just exhausted shells running on empty.  And the more we keep chugging along, the less we have to give back to those we’re supposed to be helping.  We snap at our colleagues, we judge out clients, we resent our bosses.  We start to hate our jobs.  Techs leave the field and veterinarians commit suicide (or vice-versa).  Or we keep going—feeling trapped and unhappy but not knowing how to change it.


We change it with Vetitude.

And let me get something straight here.  Vetitude isn’t just about putting on a happy face and taking whatever viscous fluid life flings at you.  Vetitude is not just “a good attitude.”  We get put through the ringer day in and day out in our profession. We’re going to struggle from time to time.  I lost a patient earlier this year after his intestinal R&A dehisced and I would have panic attacks on the way into work for months after that.  Getting over a traumatic event like that takes time, it takes devotion, and it takes a support network of people who can remind you of all the good that you do.

Vetitude is action as much as it is attitude. It’s about taking care of ourselves and setting our boundaries so that we can continue to be the best version of us that our clients, our patients, and our co-workers need.  When we treat ourselves better, we treat others better, and then they treat us better; everyone is happy, world peace is achieved, and we all get our happily ever after.  Okay, maybe not.  But the part about getting back what you put out into the world is true.


So live the Vetitude.

Treat yourself and the people around you with compassion and empathy and maybe, just maybe, rediscover your passion for vet med all over again.


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