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How to Get Your Team Involved in Social Media–The Vetitude Way

How To Get Your Team Involved in Social Media

It’s time to up your clinic’s social media game.  You know how important it is to individualize your accounts, and that means showing off your amazing staff and patients.

But everyone around is suddenly camera shy when you want to get that amazing shot of them snuggling a kitten; they develop a crippling case of stage fright when you ask them to participate in a video tutorial on how to clean a dog’s ears; they hesitate to ask clients to sign a photo release form because they think it’s stupid and takes away from the medicine.



Without the input of your team, your social media will either look like “the story of you” or a carbon copy of every other vet hospital out there.

But you can change this.  How?  It’s all about the vetitude. You can’t just tell them why it’s important; you’ve got to show them.  Vetitude is all about leading and inspiring, so let your passion for sharing your story with the world shine through.

And how exactly do you harness the power of vetitude?  Here are three simple places to start.

Toot Your Own Horn


Your video got how many views?  That blog you wrote on heartworm disease was shared how many times?  You look how good in that picture of you and Sparky?  You deserve a little praise, and the person you’re least likely to get it from is yourself. Don’t be afraid to boast a bit.  Your positive self-image is contagious.  And when your team sees how good it can feel to partake in the magic of social media, they might just find themselves ready to drink some of that Kool-Aid too.

Show off the Dividends


Social media isn’t all just fun and games.  It’s business.  That content you’re sharing is there to drive traffic to your site and ultimately—clients to your business.  Your team may not realize just how powerful a tool social media can be.  So you’ve got to show them.  Maddie’s Mom told you she started brushing her teeth after seeing that dental tutorial you posted?  Awesome!  Let the team know that your post made a difference in the life and health of a pet.  New clients are up this month?  Sweet—pull out those new client sheets with the “how did you hear about us” check boxes and show the team how many people found their way to you through social media.  Once they see how social media helps them help pets, they’ll be more likely to hop on the bandwagon.

Remind Your Team They’re Awesome


Let’s be honest…it’s hard to feel photogenic when you’re covered in fur, urine, and anal glands and you’ve been working for the last 8 hours.  We don’t want photographic or worse—videographic—evidence of the bags under our eyes or the frizz in our hair.  So make sure to remind your team often that they are amazing—warts and all.  They’re not models selling scrubs; they’re health care workers offering love and devotion to their patients.  That devotion is what your posts are trying to convey, and there is SOOOOO much beauty in that.  So make sure to tell them just how beautiful they are (you know, in an HR approved way).  It may take a while but hopefully, with time, they’ll begin to appreciate just how awesome they are and feel comfortable sharing that awesomeness with the world.

You have more influence than you know. When your team looks up to you, you can change the world…or at least the clinic culture.  And that’s the kind of vetitude that makes your practice stand out—online and IRL.


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