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The Anticlimax: When Reality Doesn’t Meet Expectations

Well guys, I did it. I presented at my first major conference. And I have to say it felt…nothing like I expected it to.
Sure, I had fun. I spent time with friends and connected with people I’d never actually met but who felt like friends thanks to the power of social media. I got to spend some time sight seeing in DC. I got to meet by new baby cousin. I attended some amazing lectures. But this conference was supposed to be more than that. It was supposed to be this huge accomplishment, and it didn’t feel that way.
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How to Get Your Team Involved in Social Media–The Vetitude Way

Without the input of your team, your social media will either look like “the story of you” or a carbon copy of every other vet hospital out there.
But you can change this. How? It’s all about the vetitude. You can’t just tell them why it’s important; you’ve got to show them. Vetitude is all about leading and inspiring, so let your passion for sharing your story with the world shine through.
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Why Happiness is Overrated

Women are less happy than they used to be. At least according to thousands of surveyed women over the course of four decades. This is a fact that many of the Alt Right crowd loves to bring up to explain why women should get… Read More

The Cool New Word That Everyone In the Vet Clinic Should Be Using…

New words come and go in today’s world faster than a Snapchat story. Heck, I still think the term “Foshizzle” is all that and a bag of chips. And I’m not gonna lie; keeping up with the current vocab is hard enough without trying to influence it. Just keeping it a hundred here (Is that one still acceptable?) And yet, I’ve got a word that I hope you and every member of your veterinary team starts using on a regular basis. That’s right—I’m gonna make “Fetch” happen. Oh wait the people at DVM360 already did that. Read More

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