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About Us

About Vetitude

Vetitude is a website and social media brand created by Lauren Smith, DVM. Here at Vetitude, we believe that empathy and understanding are the strongest tools we have in improving our lives and our careers.  Veterinary team members are among the most empathetic people around, but stress, compassion fatigue, and burnout decrease our ability to empathize with those around us.

When we lose our ability to understand and connect with our clients, we become less capable of gaining their trust and become less efficient advocates for our patients.  We also become more unhappy with our jobs. We lose good veterinarians, technicians and support staff who no longer believe that vet med is the right career for them.

Here at Vetitude it is our goal to give you the tools to connect better with your clients and co-workers.  And the best part is that the first step in doing this is to take better care of yourself and set personal boundaries.  Your improved attitude will not only make you happier, but it will make you a better veterinary team member.

About Dr. Smith

Dr. Smith is a small animal veterinarian at a multi-doctor practice on Long Island where she was born and raised.  She attended undergraduate school at The Pennsylvania State University.  She received her DVM in 2008 from Ross University School of Veterinary Medicine, and completed her clinic studies at Cornell University College of Veterinary Medicine.

Dr. Smith has been creating content veterinary content since 2015.  Her writing has been featured on prominent medical and veterinary blogs such as Dr. Andy Roark and KevinMD.  She began speaking this year with a Mic Drop presentation at the Uncharted Veterinary Conference. She has been featured on the Ross University website.

Dr. Smith is a pet mom to a blue-eyed poodle mix named Frankie (check him out @FidoFrankie on Instagram) and a very needy cat named Charlie. She is also an aunt to a smart, funny, strong-willed niece. When not too lazy, she likes to run and has completed several half marathons and one marathon. She is an extroverted-introvert who loves to interact with people, then lock herself up in her apartment whenever she can to read, write, and binge watch Netflix far away from the outside world.